Silicone Kitchen Tools Stretchy Silicone Bowl Covers

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Product Description
Delivery status please check above shipping information. [1Set 6Size]Universal Covers Silicone Stretch Suction Pot Lids Kitchen Containers Food Storage Covers Bowl Mug STEPS FOR USAGE *To ensure lid work better, make sure the surfaces of the bowl and the lid are completely dry. *Frost to fixed the bowl, start at the edge of the container closest to you and stretch away from you to the other side of the bowl *Then adjust tabs and ensure lid have a good fit. Tips: Before the first time you using the silicone stretch seal lids, you can put it in boiling water for 3 minutes. Cleaning and disinfection. Colour: Transparent, Blue Material: Silica gel size: (1) 2.6 inch (easy to stretches to 3.5 inch) (2) 3.8 inch (easy to stretches to 4.7 inch) (3) 4.5 inch (easy to stretches to 5.4 inch) (4) 5.7 inch (easy to stretches to 6.6 inch) (5) 6.5 inch (easy to stretches to 7.4 inch) (6) 8.1 inch (easy to stretches to 9.0 inch) Package Contents: Covers Silicone Stretch x6


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