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  • Mini Portable Sealer Mini Household Package Sealing Machine Snack Bags Plastic Bag Heat Sealer Kitchen Storage

    • A no fuss, simple to use bag sealer that does not require the use of special plastic bags.
    • This practical bag sealer only requires the use of two AA batteries to operate.
    • Easy to use just press and slide.
    • You can seal almost anything you find both inside and outside the home. Keep cereals crunchy, biscuits fresh and chips crispy by sealing the packaging. Simply use what you need and seal the rest.
    • With magnetic back (it can serve as a fridge magnet).
    • Easily heat re-sealer seals all bags airtight in seconds and stops snacks from going stale. Works for food bags, aluminum foil bags, and even storage bags. Stop wasting sealing your food with paper clips.
    • Small and portable, compact size and lightweight design are easy to store and move around. Upgraded heat sealing technology more effectively helps you to avoid food waste and mold growth, keep food freshness.
    • Gas seal: 30 Seconds of heat up, 1 second sealing. Just press the mini bag sealer across the bag to create an airtight seal. Now lock in freshness and flavor, foods last longer. Easy to operate, saving time and effort.
  • Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer

    The Veet Gift Pack includes Veet Sensitive Precision Electric Trimmer and Veet Depilatory Cream for Sensitive Skin 100ml. Battery a great gift for more subtleties! Removing hair has never been so easy and painless! If you have chosen a gentle and extremely safe method, you will be a great companion for the Veet Sensitive Precision haircutter, which you now get along with a delicate skin depilation cream in a gift pack. With this electric trimmer you can achieve perfect precision, comfortable use and perfect results .For sensitive body parts. The Veet brand, the leading leader in depilation, is a gift set for every modern woman. The Veet Sensitive Precision trimmer helps you fight unwanted hairs with a comfortable, completely safe and painless method. It is suitable for gentle removal and shaping of hairs on sensitive parts of the body such as the face, groin or armpit. It will also greatly serve you in adjusting the eyebrows that you can gently cut and shape the exact contours to the desired shape for table, painless, safe. The Veet Sensitive trimmer waits for you to have a quick and delicate shave without injuries. This method is completely safe and painless. You can indulge it without worry whenever you want. The use is extremely comfortable and easy to use. Thanks to the rich accessory you achieve high precision and you can count on the perfect result in smooth skin. No longer need to spend your money in the beauty salon, try a quick and comfortable method in the comfort of your home! Electric Trimmer Veet Sensitive Precision: With the Veet Sensitive Precision TM electric trimmer you can now easily achieve the exact look you always wanted. It can quickly and gently reduce and shape hair on sensitive and delicate parts of the body, such as the face, throat or armpit. Quickly and gently removes unwanted hairs in one stroke without worrying about cutting. High precision thanks to special accessories for precise shaping and styling.

  • Handy Stitch Manual Sewing Machine

    • A manual sewing machine that works with batteries.
    • The best thing about this machine is the fact that it has a light weight, which will make you capable of using it with the palm of your hand.
    • This machine is for both beginners and professionals.
    • It will give you a great and fast performance, to guarantee the best results.
    • You can fix clothes with this machine, easily.
    • This machine is also for fixing curtains, fabrics, handmade pieces, and heavy materials like jeans, silk, and satin
    • This mini sewing machine is easy to operate, line with the flat edge, automatic moving. Great for both beginner and professionals who can make some DIY arts crafts or a bit of mending easily.
    • This lightweight cordless sewing machine is easy to carry for travel and household, excellent for quick and easy use on-the-spot repairs and serve the emergency needs of stitching.
    • The sewing machine has a beautiful appearance. However, a stylish colour is accompanied with high-quality ABS materials that were used in this sewing machine. As a result, it is has a more durable service life.
    • Suitable for fabric, clothing, silk, jeans , leather, denim, wool, hem pants, drapes, holes rips, toy crafts and etc. You can use it for patches or holes on clothes. Note: The suitable sewing thickness cannot over 1.8mm.
    • This mini Handheld Sewing Machine is easy to use, has flat sides and can be moved automatically. With the switch, the manual sewing machine can run automatically without manual control.Perfect for tricky positioning that conventional machines can’t do.
  • V-Comb Anti Lice Device, Remove Head Lice And Eggs Instantly

    Do you want to get rid of head lice and eggs instantly? Try new V-Comb Anti Lice Device which removes Head Lice and Eggs quickly from your hairs. It is Chemical Free Head Lice Treatment with Disposable Head Lice Capture Filter. It has Compact and Ergonomic Design, Rounded Stainless Steel Teeth with Adjustable Combing Angles, LED Illuminated Filter Unit and powered by AC Powered Device. In a box you may find a V-Comb device, 2 x Disposable Capture Filters, Instruction Manual and Cleaning Brush. 

  • Environment – Friendly Instant Water Purifier For Home & Office

    Always drink and use safe and healthy water, use this amazing Environment – Friendly Instant Water Purifier which can clean up your home and office water instantly, this purifier is designed to fix with any tap for instant filtration. It prevents rust, residual chlotine. It’s easy to install feature does not require any professional for installation also filter can be changed without any effort.

  • Kemei Professional Hair Clipper KM9020

    Kemei Professional Hair Clipper is portable Hair Clipper for hair cutting and beard trimming. 8 hours charging can be used for 40 Minutes. You can also adjust length to 0.8/1.1/1.4/1.7/2.0mm. You don’t need to spent lots of money on shaving from barber, now you can quickly shave at home with this amazing portable Professional Hair Clipper. 

  • Drinking Water Pump

    Do you use mineral water at home, or have that bottle, if so, then you definitely need that Drinking Water Pump which is designed for your convenience to pump up the water form bottle, it is easy to use, does not require batteries, No drips or leakage, Dust-proof outlet, Suction tube with adjustable length to suit different vessel, Backup extension suction tube, Stable liquid flow and fits standard size bottle necks. 

  • Micro Touches Max All In One Personal Trimmer

    – Removes unwanted hair
    – Built-in LED light
    – Safe to the touch
    – Sleek & compact
    – More precise than a hair clipper

  • Electric Heating Lunch Box

    Avail now the best online offer with discount on Electric Heating Lunch Box Price in Pakistan – Get the most innovative lunch box of the century which is known as electric heat lunch box, this specially designed launch box can heat up your meal before taking out of a lunch box, it operates with electricity. It is safe and easy to use with high temperature resistant material, also an energy saver with just 40-Watts. It is portable and can be carried anywhere you want. It operates at 220V/110 Volts. Order this amazing electric lunch box today across Pakistan. As electric lunch boxes can greatly save the family budget, one stainless steel breakfast, and lunch box can cost 2-3 time more expensive than this office lunch box.

    Looking for the best heating lunch box online? The modern online market of heating equipment’s is so diverse that is very hard to select the ideal option for non-specialists. Probably, electric lunch boxes are today the most common variety of heating. An enough range of designs and Portable models have been developed and available in Online Shopping Pakistan. The Electric Lunch Box has traditionally placed a portion of rice, small delicacies such as for eggs, vegetables and for fried meat, etc. Choosing an online lunch box for the office – not an easy task as it might seem at first glance. On the other hand, it has to be strong, light and portable, at the same time it should be fairly easy to open, without much effort.

    How to Fill In the Lunch Box?

    All of the food stays fresh and delicious; there are a few basic rules of lunch boxes:

    1. Do not pack stale food of questionable quality;
    2. Prepare food in a clean kitchen, and as little as possible to touch food hands before starting to eat it;
    3. Durability depending on the consistency of the food put it in a lunch box and close tightly;
    4. Use additional separate sealable containers for sauces;
    5. Tomatoes, Cheese Cubes, Eggs, or other simple food/ vegetables – ideal contents of these boxes.

    Electric Tiffin Lunch Box Online For Sale in Pakistan

    Lunch boxes for food by segments – compact and hermetically sealed electric boxes, which can keep your food fresh and appetizing form as sandwiches for a quick snack or a full dinner of three different dishes. All these things relay on the form, volume and quantity of units for different dishes. However, there is no issue with the high-quality container, because the requirements are obvious: it should be light in weight to carry, durable and do not take up much space in bag.

    Shoprex.com is offering more and more original Electric Heating Lunch Box with a compact and ergonomic stuffing and various attractive coupons and discounts. Lunch box available for sale in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and all cities, home delivery – with lunch boxes collections for children/ school., adults/ office, tourist – try to understand an comprehensive range of such convenient and quality Electric Lunch Box for eating to make the right choice at reasonable Electric Lunch Box Price.


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