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  • Finger Toothbrush

    • Made of Premium Silicone, safe for use in babies mouth
    • Designed for cleaning both gums and teeth
    • Convenient to use at parent’s finger tips, adjustable
    • Easy cleaning and sterilizing after use
    • Size: 5.5 x 2.2cm
     499 799
    Estimated delivery date 2024/03/06
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  • Baby Knee Pad

    • 80% Cotton/18% Dacron/2%Spandex
    • For Crawling babies
    • Color: MULTI
     299 499
    Estimated delivery date 2024/03/06
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  • U Shape Baby Teethbrush

    • Item: U-shaped children’s toothbrush
    • Gender: Children, kids
    • Color :as the picture
    • Size: 9-12 cm
    • Material: silicone
     450 650
    Estimated delivery date 2024/03/06
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  •  650 999
    Estimated delivery date 2024/03/06
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  • Baby Finger Toothbrush for Training Teething – Infant & Toddles & Lids Teeth Brush Soft Babies Toothbrushes

    • ENSURE THE BEST PRAL HYGIENE FOR YOUR BABY- Infant love our finger toothbrushes, they help reduce plaque and tartar buildup. The most important investment in your life is your child. Start their healthy and hygienic oral habits from the very start
    • 100% SAFE-Our baby finger toothbrush is made of BPA-Free Premium silicone material, which is very soft and safest, no damage with teeth and gums of your baby in the process of cleaning them.
    • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL- The baby toothbrush has a double-sided design. One side has the soft bristles feature while the other side has delicate massage bumps. You can use toddler’s finger toothbrush to clean their teeth, and use the back clean their tongue. The Oral Massager can massage baby’s gums, help them relieve teething discomfort.
    • PERFECT FOR ON-THE-GO PARENTS- The health of your child is so important, you will require more than one toothbrush, whether for home or travel. It’s very easy to clean and store. They’re small enough to fit your baby bag when you are traveling or when you are going out of town. In addition, our toothbrushes are also popularly used with cats, dogs, and other pets
    • SOFT BRISTLES FOR GENTLE CLEANING – Make brushing a pain-free experience for training or teething. Each infant toothbrush is made with rounded, soft bristles that provide a soothing gum massage while cleaning the gums, tongue, and teeth.
    • NON-SLIP & EASY TO HOLD – Give your little one a safe, silicone-covered toothbrush that doesn’t slip from their small hands. Our baby toothbrushes also come with wide handles for easier grip.
    Estimated delivery date 2024/03/06
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  • Baby Fruit Food Feeder Pacifier – Fresh Food Feeder, Infant Fruit Teething Teether Toy for 3-24 Months

    • This babies fruit suckers teether is easily introduce new foods to your baby without the risk of choking due to food pieces not being cut small enough and provide baby teething relief by easing sore gums at the same time! It is a safe way to start introducing solid food as your child goes through the teething phase.
    • Infant fresh food feeder is both a pacifier fruit holder and teething toy, these pacifier fruit holders can be used to store fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, ice chips, breast milk, & even medicine! It relieves your baby’s aching itchy gums, and help build up mouth muscle at the same time, these baby fruit suckers are a must have!
    • Hygiene and safety are our topmost priority. Our mesh fresh food feeder has no irremovable components and can be fully dismantled for washing and cleaning purposes, The food grade silicone is stain resistant and won’t spot or stain like similar mesh bag products. The design of food teether with light weight and small size, which could save more space.
    • Patent Design – Baby fruit teething toy are designed the lovely bear shape that stimulate baby’s appetite for consumption of natural nutrients from fruits and vegetables, and easy to grab cone-shaped handle. Perfect for little hands to grab and maneuver to their mouths and chew. Eating fruits or other soft foods have never been easier.
    Estimated delivery date 2024/03/06
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  • Baby silicone squeeze spoon feeding rice paste bottle baby solid food spoon soup

    • With silicone bottle design, it is soft and easy to squeeze the food to feed your baby. Simply fill the silicone bottle with the pureed food and gently squeeze until the desired amount collects on the spoon to feed baby.
    • For ages 4 months and up, this all-in-one feeder makes it a lot easier, Spillage proof squeezable silicone bottle with scale, Soft silicone spoon soothes teething pain.
    • The spoon and bottle are made of food grade silicone, soft enough to touch baby’s mouth; completely free of BPA, Silicone is completely safe for storing and feeding baby food.
    • Food grade silicone spoon helps relieve teething discomfort and massage baby’s gums – Spoon feeder improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
    • Great assistant for mothers to feed babies. Just use a hand to offer a cleaner and easier way to feed baby.
    • Silicone Squeeze Feeding Bottle with Dispensing Spoon Newborn Tableware Tools for Baby Infant Feeder
    • It might be hard for mothers to feed babies pureed food and cereal at the beginning. But now, our product will help you a lot. It comes with a silicone bottle with cover. You just need one hand to squeeze the food. Top-class material is non-toxic and safe for infants to use. Perfect to control the amount and also save your time and effort.
    • Baby food feeder is made of high-quality food grade PP+silicone. Non-toxic, BPA-free, sterilize safe, easy to clean and environment-friendly. Your satisfaction and baby’s safety is our top priority.
    • The Food feeder designed for babies. Squeezable silicone baby feeder bottle with scale ensures accurate measurement, reducing spillage. Soft spoon is made of food grade silicone, helping relieve baby discomfort and massage your baby`s gums. Spoon feeder improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Suitable for rice cereal, fruit puree, vegetable puree, vegetable juice and children’s medicine.
    Estimated delivery date 2024/03/06
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  • Rotate Spill-Proof Bowl with Lid Creative Practice Feeding Bowls for Kids

    • Adjusts to the normal positing if the baby twists, tilts or turns the bowl, Easy to train the baby to eat without help.
    • No matter what the position, the feeding bowl will always remain upright
    • 360 Rotate Spill-Proof Bowl, so that the baby bowl of food will not easily spilled, easy to us
    • SAFE: The 360 ° rotatable plate made of BPA-free food grade polypropylene allows children to eat without spilling.
    • SPILL PROOF BABY BOWL: Cute design attracts babies’ attention and increases their interest in eating. It can be used as a toy except for meal time.
    • It is designed to keep dry foods inside and to prevent spillage.
    • It should not be used in microwave oven. Dishwasher safe. Covered, can be used as a storage container in the refrigerator by closing the lid.
    • Less Mess- snacks don’t fly around even if you hold the bowl sideways
    • But Please Kindly Noted- If you hold it nicely by the handles and turn it nicely it works well, but if you shake it, or turn it too quickly then it will spill out it will be better if you keep the bowl with lids when your baby reach his hand for shaking
    • Toy to Play- it can be 360 rotating when be as a toy to play, but kindly noted: there are nothing in the bowl when you want to play 360 rotating
    • Most Innovative Gyroscopic Anti Spill Kids Bowl: Are you tired of having your kids spilled their food? This Gyro Bowl comes to solve that problem! We designed this bowl with you and your kids in mind. It has anti spill design, in which the inner bowl with gyroscopic motion can rotate 360 degrees to keep dry food inside and avoid food spilling. Plus, we added three handles for easy carrying and lid to cover the food when not in use.
    • Super Attractive Bowl with Planet Saturn Design: Not only it’s perfect for keeping your children’s mess to a minimum, but it also looks like a cool Planet Saturn. Kids will definitely love it! It’s common for children to be a picky eater, and this bowl will at least attract them to eat. The vibrant color is so eye catching.
    • Premium PP Material for Durability and Safe Usage: This bowl is made of 100% food grade PP material, The Gyro Bowl is durable and simply won’t break, crack, discolor, warp, melt or flake away. It also doesn’t change the nature of the food you put in there.
    • Quick to Clean, Dishwasher Safe: With such creative design, it’s surprisingly easy to clean. Just wash it gently in warm water or put it in dishwasher. Save trouble cleaning anytime, anywhere.
    Estimated delivery date 2024/03/06
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  • Baby feeder bottle cleaning brush

    • It can be closely attached to the bottle wall and has a strong cleaning effect. The brush head uses high-density bristles to completely remove stubborn stains
    • Rotary handle 360° rotary cleaning, the handle is made of plastic coating to prevent scratches on the bottle mouth
    • Clean and no trace, no secondary pollution. Multi-purpose brush, strong and durable
    • Easy to wipe the bottom of the glass
    • Ideal for brushed bottle, glass, glass and etc.
    • Creative brush suitable for your life
    • Long handle, help you clean bottles and glasses easy
    Estimated delivery date 2024/03/06
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  • Adjustable Baby Shampoo Bath Shower Cap With Ear Protection

    • Material: EVA foam
    • Head circumference: 40-45cm 
    • Protects your baby or toddler’s eyes from shampoo and water.
    • When wash your baby’s hair, water will not run to the baby’s face.
    • To prevent the shampoo & water touches the baby’s face.
    • No need to close your eyes when washing hair.
    • When washing, it can prevent the clogging breathing.
    • Make the shampoo a funny experience for the kids.
    • Ultra-soft, elasticity is good.
    • Comfortable and flexible for time-and-time again use.
    Estimated delivery date 2024/03/06
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  • Cereal Dry Food Storage Containers

    • Material: Food Storage Container made of high-quality pp, Food-safe and hygienic.
    • The clear storage containers body are durable enough for long-lasting use, you can quickly see what inside just at a glance.
    • Adopt the button-type exit design, food can be poured directly out of the mouth. Reduce the steps to open the lid to make life more convenient.
    • The storage containers also include a measuring cup making every pouring neat and clean.
    • Dry and completely sealed, you can put rice, noodles, beans, biscuits and other dried food.
    Estimated delivery date 2024/03/06
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